Nanny FAQs

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1. What are the requirements to apply for a position through Perfect Bliss Care?

All candidates must meet the following requirements: a. Must have 2 Years minimum of professional experience for the position applied for. b. Must be able to make a One-Year Minimum Commitment( As Applicable) c. Must be authorized to work in the United States of America d. Must have a current CPR Certification or willing to obtain one prior to employment e. Must have an In Person Interview with Agency Owner or Placement Coordinator. f. Must have verifiable references related to the position applied for. g. Able to communicate well in english. h. Must be willing to submit to a Criminal Background Check, DMV Driving Records etc

2. What would make me an exceptional candidate?

Perfect Bliss Care values candidates with the following qualities : Work history chronology, excellent verifiable references, glowing letters of recommendation, ability to commit long term to the job and proof of continuing education related to children.

3. What is the average rate of pay for a nanny that is placed by PBC?

The agency has found that the current average rate of pay for a live-out nanny is $17- $25 net per hour. When quoting your rate, we encourage you to choose one that falls in this range and to base the amount on your experience and the requirements of the position.

4. What are the standard job responsibilities requested by your clients?

Nanny positions vary based on the needs of the family or client. Duties or tasks a nanny may need to complete relates to the child(ren), which will include feeding, dressing, bathing, as well as planning and carrying out age-appropriate activities, driving children to activities, careful supervision at all times, cleaning up after child or light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry and sometimes errands.

5. What is the average length of commitment for a position?

Perfect Bliss Care requires our permanent nannies be willing to make a minimum one year commitment to a family, although it is typical for our nannies to stay with a family for 2-5 years.

6. What kinds of benefits can I expect

Perfect Bliss Care works with our clients and nannies to achieve a comprehensive benefits package for each of our nannies. Although we cannot guarantee certain benefits, standard benefits for Full-time Nanny include 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, some paid sick days and sometimes a car for on-the-job transportation. If a nanny has to use her car to transport kids, often a portion of mileage is reimbursed by the Family.

7. How long will it take me to find a job?

Search time varies based on the candidate’s background and the requirements of our client’s positions. A candidate’s search may be as short as a week or as long as several weeks.