Baby Nurse/Night Nanny FAQs

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1. What are the differences between Baby Nurse, Night Nanny or Night Nurse, and which one should I hire.

A Baby Nurse is a seasoned professional who is non-medically trained person who specializes in the overnight care of newborn babies right out of the hospital. A Night Nanny is a professional Nanny with extensive hands on experience and knowledge in newborn or infant care. Night Nannies and Baby Nurses to us are the same as they generally assist parents for a few weeks up to several months in all aspects of newborn care. They can provide overnight, daytime, and 24-hour care. Night Nurse on the other hand is a Registered Nurse (RN), who equally provides overnight care for newborn babies as Baby Nurses and Night Nannies do. But they may provide some medical guidance for Infant Care. However the advice of a Night Nurse (RN) should not replace the advice of your child’s primary medical care provider or Doctor. Night Nurses hourly rates are higher than Night Nannies/ Baby Nurses. Perfect Bliss Care can offer guidance on which of these to hire when we discuss in detail a family’s needs or job description.

2. What type of screening process do your Baby Nurses/ Night Nannies go through?

All of our Baby Nurses are personally interviewed by an experienced Placement Coordinator and the owner of the Agency. They are asked detailed questions regarding their knowledge about child development, infant safety issues, scheduling, and breastfeeding. They must pass a nationwide criminal background check that includes social security verification. We call their personal and professional references that we will also make available for you to call. All of our baby nurses must have current CPR and a minimum of 2 years prior experience with infants. They also have various certifications and attend trainings that cover different aspects of newborn care.

3. How long should I hire a Night Nanny/ Baby Nurse for?

We recommend at least 2 weeks of care. For sleep training to be most effective we also recommend 5-7 night per week for 1-3 months or more. However, some families will request services for up to 1 year. Once you no longer require a baby nurse and would like a nanny, please contact us about our nanny placement services. You can also request a Sleep Nanny for a few Nights when you simply want to get some rest and need a caregiver to care for your child overnight.

4. What accommodations are required for the baby nurse?

For overnight shifts you can request the baby nurse to stay in the baby’s room or you can choose to provide the baby nurse with a separate living space with a baby monitor where she can read, work on the computer, or watch TV after her other duties are finished and the baby is sleeping. For 24-hour care the baby nurse will sleep when the baby is sleeping. Please provide a couch or bed for the baby nurse. It is your choice to have the baby nurse sleep in the room with the baby or in a separate living space with a baby monitor.

5. Are your baby nurses and nannies CPR certified?

Yes, all of our baby nurses and nannies are certified for infant and child CPR.

6. Am I required to provide the baby nurse with meals?

For overnight care, it is not required, but if you would like, you can have snacks and drinks available for the baby nurse. With 24-hour care it is required to provide the baby nurse with food

7. How soon should I start my search for a Baby Nurse/ Night Nanny?

We advise prospective clients to book aleast a month in advance. However we will be able to accommodate short notice requests and emergencies.

8. What if I already had my baby and have an immediate need?

No problem! We are generally able to fill emergency or last minute requests for families.

9. How soon can you send us a Baby Nurse/ Night Nanny?

We can send a candidate today. All our candidates are pre-screened and will provide verifiable references which you may contact to verify their work history and performance on the job.

10. Do you have a baby nurse or night nanny with twin experience?

Yes we have Baby Nurses and Night Nannies who specialize in multiple and have extensive training and experience with twins and triplets.

11. Can I meet my Baby Nurse/ Night Nanny in Person?

Absolutely, our Baby nurses/Night Nannies are happy to meet if there is time between their assignments. However, if there is not an opportunity to meet her before she begins working, you can speak extensively with her over the phone and call her references before committing to that particular Baby Nurse / Night Nanny

12. How do I pay the Baby Nurse/ Night Nanny.

You do not have to pay Baby Nurse/ Night Nanny directly. When you enter into agreement with us we will bill your account on file. Payments can be made by Check, Chase Quick Pay, PayPal and Credit card.

13. How do I begin the process of booking a Baby Nurse/ Night Nanny?

Call or email us your request. We will discuss your need and we will send you our Baby Nurse/ Night Nanny contract.